Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rain AND Shine

With the indecisive weather we’ve been experiencing, we’re never sure how to prepare. Layers, with a base of a tank or linen dress? A bulky sweater over a tee? To hoodie or not to hoodie? 

Momo can outfit you for the elements, be they blustery, rainy, balmy, or positively warm (summer will get here eventually ... right?).

Momo Man : Rain

Brand new to Momo is Baro – functional and fashionable. Water resistant fabric, bonded waterproofing taping on the inside of the seams, and breathable inner membrane will all ensure that you stay dry and stylish.

Momo Man : Shine 

Check out the tiny fish print!
In anticipation of sunshine! Our Kahala shirts (straight from Hawaii) will keep you both feeling and looking cool.

Momo Girl : Rain

From Vancouver, BC (which is, dare I say it? rainier than Seattle) is Three Stones. The “Essex” raincoat is a terrific lightweight option for an urban outing. A generously sized hood and over-length sleeves with elasticized cuffs will keep you comfy on windy, drizzly days. 

Momo Girl : Shine

Fresh from Barcelona is Wom&Now. We are really loving the pop of cherry red and white paired with varied stripes. Pair with a strappy sandal and you’re ready for the hottest weather Seattle can throw your way. Bring it on!

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