Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Light Up Your Night ...

...  and someone’s day, with a shadowbox fresh from the Portland studio of Sparrow and Sundry, a most delightful way to create a gentle glow anywhere you like. Illuminated with an LED and powered by batteries (we always give you extras), these little cuties can be placed wherever your heart — and eyes — desire. Each one is unique, hand created by graphic designer Jen Amos who began making the boxes from leftover wood scraps after her kitchen remodel. The charming scenery is laser cut and set with tiny figurines, from bunnies in the woods, to souvenir-worthy Space Needles, to the super special limited-edition kokeshi girls and cherry trees from Japan. Love!

Most shadowboxes measure 3" x 3" big.

Memories of the Northwest: Orca spotting!

This one is Lala with her pink dress and Bun Bun.

Seattle skyline, alight with glitter, the iconic city scene.

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