Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Small-batch Biblelots

The Pacific Northwest is big on micro-brew production of beer, wine and spirits. Why? Closer quality control, easier experimentation, more exclusive end product. At Momo, we believe the same can be said for small-batch jewelry. Working with indie designers allows us to introduce you to a taste of different talents, for example:


One of the rare folk who is native to Seattle, Nina has been a maker for as long as she can remember. After earning a BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing at the Rhode Island School of Design, she returned to the area, honing her skills through production for local jewelers while working on her designs in her spare time. Today, she is on her own, turning out more ambitious pieces than ever. With a strong focus on sustainability, conscious design and meticulous craftsmanship, Nina’s work is both stunning and something you can feel good about wearing. We are particularly in love with the stones in our capsule collection of Nina rings showing at Momo right now. 

“The Square” labradorite

“Triple Stone” labradorite & moonstone

“Grid Ring” with five different gemstones
Amy Bush has been crafting jewelry of many kinds for 15 years. At times, she strayed from the path, detouring in 2007 to own and run the adorable JayWalk in Madrona, then taking a hiatus for the birth of her son, Gus. Now, she’s getting back into the swing of things and Momo is excited to be Amy’s first wholesale account! The concept behind her latest line, Loyalsmith, is to combine dual-tone metals to create lightweight, everyday adornments that ‘play well’ with all your other jewelry. You can find a variety of her well-crafted earrings at the shop, including these innovative designs.

”Exclamation” in large or small
”Corkscrews” in large or small
Fun, not formal “Black Ties!”

Bay Area wife and husband team, Creek and Johnny Van Houten, share a love of antiques ranging from trains to potato buckets, marbles and buttons. While attending graduate school in Holland, Creek became fascinated by antique buttons. She began collecting the fashionable fasteners and thus was born Compass Rose Design. Our assortment at Momo features sterling silver pendants, cast from molds made from some of these buttons, ranging from sweetly whimsical to classic nautical themes.

“Lovebirds” - SOLD!

”Honey Bee”

”Sun Medallion”

Shoreline-based designer Melanie Brauner is the virtuoso behind Verso. Simply put, her unique jewelry is made from sterling silver forms cast in handmade paper. But the process is more complex: she begins by creating a wire armature that is then dipped in a pulp of water and abaca fiber. This material dries, shrinks and adheres to the metal. Once dried, the process is repeated until a desired thickness is reached, at which point the pieces are all individually hand dyed in subtle shades. The labor-intensive operation results in lightweight, yet surprisingly durable creations inspired by nature: the coil of a fern, a dangling seed, the curve of a leaf. Whatever her artist’s eye envisions.


More Seattle for the win! Francine Moo-Young is perhaps best known for her hand-painted suede kimonos, but this leather-obsessed designer is also a jeweler. One of her latest experiments is with supple leather cord and pearls in lustrous tones of silver, bronze and rose gold. These new creations come in a variety of sizes and styles, and many are versatile, with the ability to be worn in multiple ways. Take for example the dramatic “Abacus” (the baroque pearls slide up and down the lace) which can be worn long, looped twice around the neck, or encircling a wrist. Or the dainty “Rock Daisy” necklace strung with mini pearls — same utility, but a whole different appeal. Momo is among the first to tout this new line; we are especially attracted because they remind us of the laid-back luxury of Hawaii.

“Plume Abacus” necklace

“Rock Daisy” necklace

“Ghost Flower” bracelet 

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