Thursday, August 3, 2017

Iced Tea Time!

Holy heatwave, Batman! It looks like Seattle is in for a scorcher of a week. One of our favorite ways to beat the heat is to have an ice cold drink handy – iced tea, anyone? What tickles your fancy? Herbal, caffeinated, spice-infused chai? Happily, Momo has all of the above.

Direct from Bellingham, WA: Flying Bird Botanicals. Handcrafted from herbs and teas sourced from organic farms, you can pick and choose between purely herbal, or something with a gentle kick. We highly recommend the “Twilight Mint” for an invigoratingly chill brew.

Jaipur Avenue chai: We have Ginger for those who like a bit of bite, Variety Pack for the less decisive among us. Although typically encountered served warm, it’s also amazingly refreshing when cold.

No iced drink is complete without the perfect glass! “Perfect” in Momo parlance equals happy and colorful, perhaps with a touch of whimsy, and always functional.

Couleur Nature is well known for French kitchen linens, but they also make sturdy glasses in a wide array of bright colors. Our current favorites are the perfectly sized pop juice glasses with cheery rims, and the hand-blown 12 oz. seaspray tumbler.

The perfect juice glass! We have them with turquoise,
red, yellow, white and cobalt blue rims.
Fill with 12 oz. of chilled deliciousness.

For those craving a bit of cuteness, check out our Bandjo glasses! Made from Duralex (French for Pyrex!) these are not only adorned with adorableness, but are sturdy as heck and dishwasher safe.

Other fun patterns at Momo are: orange forest gnomes and turquoise kitties.
And if all else fails, we have air conditioning at Momo! Come visit and keep cool.

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