Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Year, New Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions: Eat healthier, exercise more, drink less, find love, get organized ... the list goes on.

More than 40% of us make New Year's resolutions. Less than 9% of us accomplish them. The reason, according to experts, is that the resolutions are too vague. What’s “healthier?” What, exactly, does “organized” mean? We’re into the second half of January, and already the commitment is beginning to fade!

At Momo, we had a flash of brilliance: why not make clear, easy and fun resolutions? By attaining 100% of your objectives, you’ll feel good about yourself and have a great time doing it! Here are a few suggestions for boosting your self-esteem, right here in the neighborhood. 

“Be a more adventuresome eater” = Try a new restaurant!
Sup Shop – from the Pho Bac family, a new venture that features their classic pho, along with new dishes like sliders, assorted bar snacks, and dessert. And!! they've added wine! 45 selections are currently available.
Go Poké – while Seattle is teeming with poke these days, we firmly believe that our neighborhood poke is some of the best. Made from fresh fish flown in daily from the owners’ family in Hawaii, it’s delicious and healthy.
Tsukushinbo – a long time favorite of ours, this hidden gem serves up some of the tastiest sushi in town.

“Find my personal style” = Wear more exuberant socks!
Spice up your Seattle blacks and greys with fun and funky socks. A semi-secret way to add color, wild patterns and whimsy to your outfit. Momo always has a selection of fanciful/cheerful/bright socks waiting to adorn your feet.

“Make time for fun” = Play more games!
Our absolute favorite place to do this is at the Seattle Pinball Museum. With over 50 pinball machines dating from the 1930’s to current day, we promise that you’ll find one to play over and over. Especially nice features are: (1) with a purchased admission you have unlimited free access to all of the games and (2) beer and more beer.

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