Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Say Oh K! to K-Beauty

K-Beauty is taking the world by storm. Marie Claire has deemed Korea the “skincare superpower,” declaring that they are a decade (or more!) ahead of other countries when it comes to products for those seeking flawless skin. Fierce competition paired with perfectionism has driven rapid innovation at easy-on-the-pocketbook prices. An especially appealing aspect of K-Beauty is a strong focus on natural ingredients – it’s not surprising to find elements like bamboo sap, snail mucus, seaweed and various fermented botanicals in a facial mask.

Why am I talking about Korean beauty products? Because we’ve got ’em at Momo! Straight from Korea: Oh K! sheet masks to suit every face’s needs. Like a mini facial, nutrient-packed masks pamper and replenish the skin in one no-brainer step.

We stock two varieties: ‘hydrogel,’ which is squishy and gelatinous (in a good way!) and ‘sheet’ fabric, which is woven and more flexible. Hydrogel offerings include Gold Dust, which won a 2017 Beauty Awards gold medal, and Luxe editions of Pearl or Caviar. In simple sheet masks, you’ll find soothing Cucumber, moisturizing Avocado or Bubble. The Bubble Mask was shortlisted for 2017 Beauty Awards “Best Innovation!” Way to go!

Cool, sesame-seed studded hydrogel mask refreshes tired skin.

Bubbles sheet mask: on the short list for “Best Special Innovation”

2017 Gold Medal winner!

Classic fabric masks, saturated with
soothing and smoothing goodness.

Fun to use, Oh K! masks are a great springboard for exploring the brave new world of K-Beauty. Priced from $3.75 - $8.50, they’re also an affordable way to share together time with someone you like, providing an excellent excuse for lounging and swapping stories.

Despite being at the absolute forefront of perfecting the art of skincare products, Korean beauty adherents believe that flawless skin starts on the inside. Eat healthy foods, cut back on fat and sugar and most importantly – drink your water! If we moisturize ourselves from the inside out, we'll be far more likely to achieve the dewy glow we love. In the meantime, thank goodness for Oh K! Beauty!

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