Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Live Aloha

Many of you are familiar with our Momo Hawaii-centric goods: addictive butter mochi mix, cool Kahala shirts, Sumofish tees featuring ono-kine grindz, and of course our fame-ish Spam collection. And now we’re excited to add some new love from the Islands.

Honolulu-based maker Stacey Shiroma launched Emi Ink Japanese washi stationery in 2005 after a lifelong obsession with all things paper (she even used to create wedding invitations for her Barbies)! Her passion even took her to Honshu’s Fukui Prefecture to observe master papermaker Ichibei Iwano, recognized as a Japanese living treasure.

Each Noteworthy pack contains six washi paper cards accompanied by soft gold envelopes. Blank inside with plenty of room to write, the cards can be used to express thank yous, birthday wishes, or simply thinking-of-you sentiments. A set makes a lovely birthday present, too!

More on the paper front: brand new designs from Mozaic Paper (Momo Mama’s big sister’s design firm). Notepads and letterpress cards depicting Hawaiian flora and fauna are a thoughtful hostess gift or everyday enhancement.

Sweet notepads from Mozaic Paper.
Letterpress cards focus on the natural beauty of Hawaii.
Another of our favorite new island additions is our “Cho Chin” bag from Donna Miyashiro of Prima Donna. The word means “lantern,” and just like their paper cousins, these fabric bags fold into a compact square yet expand into an astonishingly roomy tote. Beautiful in an understated and elegant way, these are 100% handmade from start to finish: the linen is hand-dyed with natural indigo then meticulously sewn, with sashiko stitch detail as a finishing touch.

Roomy, yet folds up to pop into your purse. 
Detailed with the traditional Japanese hand-stitched method of sashiko.  
“Cho Chin” means "lantern.”

We invite you to come in and take a tour of our island offerings, and if nothing else, experience our incredible Spam Wall, as customers affectionately call it. After all, a little bit of aloha goes a long way to living a happy • lucky • life.

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