Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Iced is Nice

Are you ready for this hot summer? Even hotter than the last three? April’s highs reached what Seattle normally averages ... in JULY.

One way to beat the heat is an ice cold beverage. Lots of them (stay hydrated, folks)! A classic cool drink is the beloved iced tea, and Flying Bird Botanicals is our go-to. Their focus is on crafting organic, fair trade, artisanal botanical blends. For a bit of a pick-me-up, try our caffeinated varieties: Village Green and Lavender Orange Grey. For a purely herbal experience, we have Wholesome Cleanse, Twilight Mint (divine with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a mashed strawberry), Dream Catcher and Bluebird Morning.

Caf and de-caf blends.

Add a flourish of mint, citrus and berries.

For a more exotic spin on iced tea, why not try iced chai? Rich, sweet and spicy, Jaipur Avenue’s chais are the best around. Momo’s flavors of the summer include Original Masala, Cardamom, Ginger and the ever-popular Variety Pack. Just add water and ice!

Direct from India! 
It goes without saying that you’ll want your iced drinks to be as beautiful as they are refreshing. We currently have a veritable rainbow of Couleur Nature café glasses. Bright, cheery, the perfect accessory to a bracing beverage. Cheers!

Hello Yellow
Orange you glad?

Everybody loves Turquoise

Pure and simple

A jolt of Cobalt

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