Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fashionable French Versatility

Akela Key is a French clothing line hailing from Metz, France (located at the tripoint junction of France, Germany and Luxembourg). One of the primary goals of Akela Key is to create affordable, flattering and fashionable clothing for every body type.

This cardigan is a particular favorite of ours — the neutral knit allows for season and color-spanning versatility. In addition ... it can be worn “right side up” or upside down for very different looks.

$109 for all this beauty
Right side up?

Upside down?

A navy blue and ecru cotton tunic makes the spring-to-summer transition nicely. Layer it over sheer sleeves, an extra-long camisole, leggings or skinny jeans.

Freshness for $104

This gauzy, ethereal and deliciously soft cotton and silk tank is generously tailored and adorned with playful leopard print detail. Another perfect piece for layering, it floats around you like a cloud.

Light as a whisper. Shhhh!
So fun for $69

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