Monday, April 29, 2013

Retro Cool, Aloha Style

Sipping tropical drinks beneath fluttering palms, strolling on a sun-soaked beach, relaxing in stylish retro short sleeves ... Momo can provide you with one of these fantasy situations — guess which one?

Spring into the aloha vibe with our genuine Hawaiian shirts.

Since 1936, Kahala Sportswear has been producing distinctive, high-quality “Waikiki beach boy” clothing. Their fusion of playful prints and subtle colors make Kahala shirts a great match for Seattle men.

1950’s boomerangs and fish!
Vintage surfboards.

Iolani Sport in black.
IoSport, from 50-year-old family-owned Iolani, provides a brilliant mix of old and new. Mid-century modern detailing paired with antibacterial moisture-wicking fabric make these shirts practical, cutting edge and cool. A handsome stripe and embroidered Tiki head will put you in the mood for a mai tai and some 1950’s lounge music. Okole maluna!
Also in Slate blue. 

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