Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Modern Way to Wear Kimono

Momo has just received a handsome assortment of unisex accessories from Kiriko in Portland, OR. The collection includes pocket squares and scarves made of vintage kimono yardage sourced from the secret stash of generations-old kimono making families.

Pocket squares with character.
Kiriko scarves are abundantly long.

Each “Boro” scarf is a one-of-a-kind piece. 
Kiriko also creates the “Boro” scarf which is pieced from recycled kimonos. The word means “worn” and rather than viewing this as a fault,
it is considered sign of enduring quality ... in a wabi-sabi kind of way.

Both scarves include an antiqued pin and fragrance stick to dip in your favorite scent and tuck into the tiny linen tag. All accessories are hand-stitched and 100% unique.

I’m sure you, dear Momo reader, are wondering “Why the heck do I need a scarf when it’s a billion degrees outside??” Beside using one
as exotic self-adornment, here are some other uses for these versatile textile gems:
• Sweat band just like the old Japanese fieldworkers
• Belt when you want to hold your pants up on a skateboarding foray
• Headband for keeping summer hair at bay
• Runner to add a touch of color and texture to the table
And lastly, you can whip it off and use it for tying up your groceries
at Trader Joe’s when you’re in a “I forgot my bag” bind!

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