Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sweet Anthem of Summer

Enticing Sweet Anthem eau de parfum
ar·ti·san·al [ahr-tuh-zuh-nl, ahr-tiz-uh-]: pertaining to or noting a high-quality or distinctive product made in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods. 

Sweet Anthem fragrances epitomize the ideal of “artisanal.” Solely owned and operated by Seattleite Meredith Smith since 2007, Sweet Anthem perfumes are hand-crafted in small batches. Thoughtful, provocative, vegan-friendly — these scents are alluring and addictive.

Momo is delighted to present Sweet Anthem eau de parfum and solid perfume twists, both nicely priced for gift giving to yourself or another ($8.50 - $29). We currently carry Annabelle, Lucille, Caroline, Sophie and Anton. Ranging from sweet, bright, lightly floral, musky and woodsy, we’re certain you'll find something to tickle your fancy ... and maybe someone else’s, too.
Anton — for boys AND girls
Anton, for gents. Momo Girl Angela loves musky and mossy scents, so this is her favorite.

Solid perfume twists are perfect
for stashing in your handbag.
Scented twists are petite and discrete

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