Thursday, August 7, 2014

An Accidental Exhibitor

For nearly seven years, we’ve curated an eclectic collection of clothing, accessories and other finds, including omiyage, the perfectly presented gift. But never did we aspire to be an art space. Yet lucky us, we’ve become an accidental exhibitor, thanks to the largess of a few local artists. Please visit and enjoy!

‘Japan’ by Roger Shimomura, 2012
Last Friday, we were floored and flattered when Greg Kucera and assistant Guy, walked over Roger Shimomura’s kawaii — and impressively large painting, ‘Japan’. How did we come to be so endowed? One day Roger strolled into Momo and noticed our Hello Kitty affinity, then suggested that he loan us his painting (it can be yours for $25,000). Look carefully and you’ll see Roger himself in the midst of the fun.

The work of Bryan Yeck
We’re also fortunate to display the art of Bryan Yeck, proprietor of Zeitgeist Coffee. Bryan, who helped design/build Momo thought one of his paintings would hang nicely at Momo. He was so right. And Bryan’s received more than a few inquiries but so far, hasn’t bitten — thank goodness.

Fowl play from Shelli Markee
The third artist to grace our shop is Shelli Markee, silversmithy, hair and makeup artist, and mother of two boys. Long before her birds landed, we sold her hand-hammered jewelry, so when she offered to install her flock, we said of course! Her wire sculptures are lighter than air — each fastened with a single brad. Admirers have taken home a bird of their own for $120 a pop.

Before opening Momo, Lala has always believed that form must have function. And after experiencing the uplifting energy that art lends to our atmosphere, she now appreciates that inspiration, in itself, is a worthy purpose. Thank you, Roger, Bryan and Shelli, for making Momo truly a happy • lucky • life.

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