Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Inscrutable Eric Silva

Eric Silva defines the enigmatic artist. A dark-eyed man of few and softly spoken words, he reveals little of himself in conversation. This much he shared when last we met: he grew up in Southern California where his grandfather, a Mexican craftsman, taught him how to use his hands.

This much I know: in all my years of buying jewelry for Momo, Eric Silva remains one the most intriguing artists in the US. His work contrasts rustic with refined, the primitive with the pretty. 

Aside from sun-bleached bone, shed antler, and bits of wood, Eric reclaims sterling silver and brass, mixing it all up with rough-cut semi-precious stones. A master of movement, his pieces are minute, wearable sculptures.

In his Artist Statement, Eric ruminates, “My jewelry is about self-examination; revealing pieces of myself through artistic creations. I draw my inspiration from the often overlooked simplicity of beauty found in the ordinary.” Indeed, a case of action speaking louder than words.

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