Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Momo for Mom-O

Does Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 8th!) have you stupefied, stumped, and stymied? Are you itching for ideas? Soliciting suggestions? Hoping for hints? Momo can come to your Mom’s Day rescue!

Roses from author Toni Yuly’s yard. Thank you, Toni!
Sweet and Simple: colorful little vases from Middle Kingdom, made of fine porcelain. Just add water (and a flower or three). 

Uncomplicated Color: easy-to-wear pops of color from local jeweler Flora and Fawn. We appreciate that these cheery enamel necklaces go with anything.

Timeless Elegance: lustrous pink, peach or silvery-mauve freshwater Hawaiian pearls for the Mom who loves a classic look.

Aromatic Abode: Mixt candles come pre-wrapped in playfully patterned Tyvek. Our fragrances range from  freshly-mown grass to a rich, deep sandalwood.

Perhaps this post has your wheels turning ... and if you’re still feeling a bit flummoxed, come on down! We have lots of delightful gifty things — more thoughtful than expensive — that any mom would enjoy. And, as always, we will gift-wrap in our usual fun and creative way. Happy Mother’s Day to the queen of your household!

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