Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Momo’s Playful Side

Do you love animals? Do you love soft, adorable little French animals wearing soft, adorable little French clothes? Momo certainly does! Let us introduce you to our small fuzzy friends from France, made by Moulin Roty:

From left to right: Nini Mouse, Jeanne Duck, Albert Sheep, Sylvain Bunny and Julius Dog.

French attention to detail: teeny holes for teeny tails to peek out of!

Jeanne and Buddha.

Julius riding a shoulder.

Sylvain’s shoes are too big!

These whimsical and well-dressed creatures are perfectly cute and perfect for the wee ones in your life (or perhaps not-so-wee!). Perhaps as a sweet Easter surprise?

Sylvain Bunny, Julius Dog and Nini Mouse were kind enough to model quirky zipper pouches made by New York copywriter Pamela Barsky. Hand-made in the US from sturdy canvas, these are a fun and functional way to organize your small things, or to package a gift.

Snarky Bunny!

Feed me!

Nini has a sarcastic streak.

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