Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

If there is one thing that Pacific Northwesterners are truly appreciative of, it is the onset of spring. Sunshine, warm breezes, bursts of color as flowers and trees begin to bloom ... all of these things bring smiles to our faces and lightness to our step.

Today Momo would like to pay tribute to the end of winter with fun photos of the many splashes of color to be seen when you visit. Happy April, everyone!

Ronni Kappos earrings made with vintage Czech glass.

Beautiful cotton tea towels from France.

Straight from Japan, Sou Sou textiles!

Moo-Young leather bangles in a rainbow of hues. 
And, April 15th is the Happiest Day of the Year. Tax Day!! So, to bring some actual happiness to your day, Momo will not be charging sales tax on your clothing purchase. Yes, that's right – NO SALES TAX. Come say hi and take a gander at our newest arrivals, and sale stuff, too. Perhaps you'll find a way to take advantage of our tax-free tax day!

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